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IT Systems & Solutions Management

IT > Assess

System landscape

Benefit from our benchmarking tools where we compare your your current system landscape, services and IT security to industry bests and best practices.

This will help you to set up an HR-IT landscape with a robust “Core” and User Experience driven end-to-end processes support to achieve an HR system of productivity without huge theoretical discussions but with experience and insights.

Data security

Analyse your current data security situation and reduce risks with an Internal control system comprising governance risk & compliance (GRC), information security management system (ISMS) and an inventory with customisable classification levels and audit management.

Beyond compliance and operations, an Internal control system provides you with information and hence business centric Integrated Risk Management (IRM) functionality.

IT > Prepare


Define with us an overall plan which consists of objectives, principles and tactics relating to use of technologies within your organization. This plan describes how technology should be utilized as part of your organization's overall corporate strategy and each business strategy. We make sure that the strategy will be accepted and adopted by the people in your organisation.

Software & vendor selection

Build on our hands-on and working experience with major providers when selecting software products, implementation partners, application and business process outsourcing providers.

Vendor negotiations

Benefit from our State-of-the-Art negotiation skillset

  • Soft skills including techniques, mind-set, cultural and emotional intelligence
  • Hands-on experience, observation, reflection and active participation
  • Integrative thinking

Legal advice, policies & vendor contracts

Comprehensive support and advice for our clients is ensured by a perfect mix of specialists with long-standing experience and subject-specific expertise working in all areas of commercial law. e.g. labor law, corprate / mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, procurement law

Make use of our vendor contract database and reuse checked clauses.


Get access to our SAP Best Practices documents such as Business Process Masterlist, HR-IT Business processes and blueprint templates reducing your design phase effort and throughput-time to a minimum.

IT > Build & Implement

ERP backend

SAP is the European market leader on the ERP software market. The SAP ERP HCM solution is able to cover all your legal HR requirements for many countries in the world. Complementary functionality is available in Add-on’s.

Take advantage of the Rapid Deployment Services e.g. Fast Track Services, SAP Activate and project management methodologies e.g. Prince2 and Hermes when rolling out your solution. These toolsets will help you to keep your implementation costs at the minimum.

Cloud solutions

SAP has acquired and integrated cloud based solutions such as SuccessFactors, Concur, Fieldglass and many more. Make use of the mighty S/4 HANA Platform where Cloud solutions from Non-SAP providers e.g. Workday, iTime can easily be plugged on.

IT > Optimize & Reshape

System landscape simplification & harmonization

Many companies are faced with a complex system landscape today. IT departements are under pressure due to fast-growing maintenance costs for upgrades, interfaces, licenses, etc. IT portfolio management needs to make sure that only value adding IT investments, projects and activities are carried out.

Let’s go through your software packages field by field, drop-down by drop-down. Remove every field and every drop-down entry for which you don’t have a legally binding requirement or a clear work instruction.

Back to standard

Standard software functionality has rapidly grown over the years. Many developments can be replaced by software out-of-the box today reducing maintenance costs.

S/4 HANA migration

SAP has announced to decommission it’s SAP Business Suite 7 by end of 2027 and offer extended support to it’s customers at additional expenses until 2030. Late migrating enterprises might be faced with a shortage of SAP consultants on the market and are recommended to move to S/4 HANA soon. Standard migration scenarios are available.

IT Shared Services

Benefit from the numbers of scale by building your own centrally managed IT shared service organisation. Services may cover the whole hard- and software life cycle for your complete IT portfolio.

IT > Reframe & Cut

Merger & carve-out

Master the integration and separation of organizational units in a more and more agile world based on a proven framework and toolset for IT-driven HR aspects in your merger or carve-out project.

Outsourcing (local / near-shore / off-shore)

Outsourcing of HR-IT applications and services needs to be carefully planned because every employee is affected. HR people might fear to lose their jobs and jeopardize your project. Failed attempts cost time, money and frustration. 

Be aware of the cultural differences when aiming for an off-shore solution. Take into account that vendors want to earn money on you when considering to outsource parts of your organization.