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Human Capital Management

HR > Assess


Benefit from our benchmarking tools where we compare your human resources business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices.

Workforce potential

Baseline key competences of your employees against your company’s vision, culture and values. Drill down into topics such as personality, ability, interest, management competency, selling style, performance & compensation.

Salary structures

Most of the companies are carrying out an annual salary comparison rating their jobs against the avarage wages paid in their industry. Go beyond and compare your whole salary structure with the leading companies of your peers with an automated tool. Identify overqualified and overpaid clusters, not just single employees exeeding the bandwith.

HR > Prepare


Our organization development, strategy and change module is designed to create a tailor-made plan to innovate your company and propel into a future with even greater success.

Even small changes can matter. We make sure that the strategy will be accepted and adopted by the people in your organisation.

Workforce planning

By combining talent acquisition, identification and development processes with career planning, management development and workforce management, you can ensure to have the right people at the right time at the right place to successfully support your strategy implementation. It also supports the retention of key talents as you are able to offer targeted career- and development plans in the interest of all parties ensuring focused developments.

Wage negotiations

Take advantage of our State-of-the-Art negotiation skillset

  • Soft skills including techniques, mind-set, cultural and emotional intelligence
  • Hands-on experience, observation, reflection and active participation
  • Integrative thinking

Legal advice, policies & work contracts

Comprehensive support and advice for our clients is ensured by a perfect mix of specialists with long-standing experience and subject-specific expertise working in all areas of commercial law. e.g. labor law, corprate / mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, procurement law

Make use of our document database with Best Practices for policy papers, guidelines and work contracts.

Financial advice & KPI reporting

We evaluate all possibilities of saving taxes for you on private and business level. We also take care that the solutions are approved by the tax authority.

A properly managed accounting is of prime importance for every enterprise. We support you in controlling your finance data to ensure the base for a successful future. Leave your accounting to our motivated team of experts and benefit from professional assistance and gained time.

Screen our document database for KPI reporting definitions and examples.

HR > Build & Hire



Manage the flood of incoming applications with a validated job matching tool which does an automated preselection of the best applicants.

Get to know your applicants better in an assessment center where you can see performance and behavior of candidates in action.

Executive Search

Filling open positions with the right people despite a skills shortage can be a difficult business. A direct approach of candidates is sometimes the necessary supplement to the classic personnel search.

Interim management

Interim mangement helps you to bridge tempory workforce gaps quickly and to secure business continuity without binding you long-term.

External / contractor

Contractors are typically hired for specific projects to meet a floating workforce demand. Our huge network can assist you in finding the right candidates.

HR > Optimize & Reshape

Business process harmonization

Streamlined and harmonized HR processes across your organization are a conditio sine qua non for an efficient HR departement. Focussing on your main processes will lead to optimized efficiency gains.

Career & succession planning

Identify and retain your high potentials and key resources with targeted actions to ensure business continuity. e.g. benefit offerings, early warning system for signs of resignation.


Our coach helps you to transform your life and to follow your passions and dreams.

You will identify options, establish change and tap into potential.

Peak performing cultures

It’s time to interrupt the out-dated push-push-push model of organisational life that confuses busyness with productivity, pits our health against our performance, and stifles our creativity at every turn. These ways of working are no longer good enough, especially if we want to innovate our way to more meaningful, creative and sustainable futures – let alone break through and solve some of the super-wicked problems of our time.

A different way of working, leading and meeting is required to leverage productivity today.

eLearning Platform Trainings

eLearning platforms are offering you a broad range of training materials and certificates. Make use of course recommendations and select suiting courses from multiple providers without the burden of managing multiple systems or providers. Employees can acquire new skills, do great business and advance in their career. You can book single courses and whole training programs for one employee, a small group or your entire enterprise.

Take advantage of international standards such as AICC, xAPI, Sharable Content Object Reference Model and Learning Tools Interoperability allowing for seamless integration into your Learning Management System.

HR Shared Services

Build your own centrally managed HR shared service organisation benefitting from the numbers of scale. Services may cover all HR processes from hire to retire.

HR > Reframe & Cut

Crisis management

Recognize the priorities of an incident for your decision making and action taking process.
Learn how to build structures to best cope with an incident. Develop into business countinuity management, ISM- and IT emergency planning.


Take care of your employees you need to lay-off. It is a perfect opportunity to saveguard your reputation as a honourable employer. Offer them an outplacement package supporting them in their career aspirations. This package makes your employees aware of their potential and strengths. It prepares them for job market, interviews and onboarding.